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level_41 - conference room, gallery, pop up store? Or something completely different?

The Altstadt Vienna has opened a new multi-purpose room. 210m2 cheer for creativity.

On the occasion of the opening of the new seminary and creative space level_41 newly printed pocketbooks "facts of great interest - an asphatic book" have arrived. The neologism "asphatic", with which the photographer Ernst von Reibits describes the important and beautiful figures in his life, should be the basis for the new and individual space. "Facts of great interest " shall count and flow. But at the end it only matters what you want to do in the new room. Level_41 can be the perfect place, for art to be placed in the appropriate perspective - studio, gallery and conference room. And it can simply be the one thing: a free space for clear thoughts and repeatedly "facts of great interest". 

  • Level41 Seminarraum
  • Level41 Außenansicht
  • Level41 Salon
  • Level41 junge Kreative in Aktion
  • Level41 Seminarraum
  • Level41 Seminarraum
  • Level41 Seminarraum
  • Level41 Außenansicht
  • Level41 Seminarraum

Curious now? 

Under find all the info about our new seminar and creative space.

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