Uli Brée


Script writer, director and actor, visionary and creative force. Today, he is one of the most acclaimed theatre and television authors in the German-speaking world. The awards for his work extend from 4 Romys to the Salzburger Stier, as well as a Grime Prize-nomination for his Tatort-episode “Erased”.

Describe the feel of the Altstadt Vienna.

The salon is both living-and dining room. Sometimes, I am a little astonished by just how many strangers are sitting in “my” dining room. The ladies in the reception greet me every time like a member of their own family returning home after a long trip. And the ladies in red, who take care of keeping everything clean and tidy, caringly supply this writer with a few extra pods of coffee.

Which is your favorite room?

I once read that Elvis Presley used to have a replica of his private bedroom built in every hotel when he was on tour. In my case, it works the other way around. I have modeled by own bedroom on a hotel room here at the Altstadt Vienna. Dark red wallpaper, chandelier and box-spring bed, so that I feel at home just like I do at the hotel.

When and how did your relationship with the Altstadt Vienna begin?

I don’t know precisely how long I’ve been a regular here. Several years for sure. I believe it was my friend Harald Krassnitzer, for whom I write Tatort, amongst other things, who first brought me here. Since then, the Altstadt has become a kind of writing annex for me. Sometimes, I seclude myself here for a few weeks to write in peace. In fact, a number of films and series were created right here. Including parts of the “Vorstadtweiber” TV series.

Describe the Altstadt Vienna in one word.

A carefree dwelling. Art-full living. Luxuriously modest. A second home.

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