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Small Luxury Hotels
  • Altstadt Vienna: Member of... Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser - Altstadt Vienna
  • Altstadt Vienna: Member of... Historic Hotels of Europe - Altstadt Vienna
Altstadt Vienna: Member of... Warwick International Hotels - Altstadt Vienna
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Warwick Hotels

Why Hotel Altstadt Vienna's philosophy matches with WIH

Warwick International Hotels care for and cherish local traditions and take pride in combining local characteristics with attentive service in tasteful and luxurious settings.

Many of the hotels have their own stories to tell. William Randolph Herst built the New York Warwick in the mid-1920s for his Hollywood friends and the hotel has been frequented by celebrities ever since.

The aim of Warwick International Hotels is to please you, to make you feel that travelling could be enjoyable and to share with you our own unique brand of "local" hospitality.

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Tel.: +43 1 522 66 66
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