Time Out.

Tea time


Tea. We love its variety. We love its aromas. We love the time you need to take. As a guest of the Altstadt Vienna, we invite you to join us for a cup of tea every day until 6p.m.



Homemade cake. May we invite you to join us?


As the ideal accompaniment to our organic teas by Sonnentor or the tempting tea compositions of Kusmi, Paris, we serve homemade cake fresh from Bernadette's bakery between 4 and 6 p.m. 

Otto Torte . Sinful.


Would you be interested in even more? For a birthday? Anniversary? Or simply as a palate-pleaser? Then we would definitely recommend our "Otto Torte". Sinfully good. Chocolate. And. More chocolate. The exact recipe? Sorry, we simply aren't allowed to tell. But perhaps you will figure it out when you taste it for yourself.