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Vienna Insider Tips from
Eric Binder

Our night audit Eric about Vienna's colourful nightlife and restaurants that make both vegans and meat lovers happy.

Wien erleben im Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Only in Vienna ...
The amazing public transportation system. Always on time and mostly no complications.

Better elsewhere
To be honest: the beer.

Your Vice
Burgers from Swing Kitchen, a vegan fast food restaurant with sensational food.

Sweet Vienna
Sachertorte. Even for me as a born Viennese always worth a sin.

Savory Vienna
The Plain. For both vegans and meat lovers a great choice with incredible good food. The interior is also very cozy, colorful and modern.

Chic Vienna
As a jazz lover, I can recommend the city's jazz venues, which offer live music pretty much every night. My favorite venue is Jazzland. It's the perfect place to enjoy a nice evening out with a bottle of wine and good music.

When it's getting dark
I love Vienna's nightlife The variety of bars and dance clubs is so diverse that you can't help but stay out till the early morning hours.

Not in any tourist guide
Just strolling through the city and diving into the unique history of Vienna. Even though I've seen a lot of it already, I always discover something new this way.

Your favourite spot
I love the Graben. No matter where I need to go in Vienna, I always try to swing by there if possible.

Wien erleben im Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Not to be missed
Visiting the Central Cemetery and the graves of Vienna's famous personalities, such as Falco.

Selfie Spot
Late night at the Bermuda Triangle. Selfies taken here while spending the night out are guaranteed to make you laugh the next morning.

Can be missed, despite being found in tourists guides
I am not necessarily a fan of museums. Therefore - and even if many would certainly disagree with me at this point - the museums. 

Finally: What do you love about Vienna?
My hometown has always given me a great sense of security; it is safe to go anywhere at any time of the day or night. Besides, everything is well-connected and easy to reach. ... and even though the Viennese Grant lurks around every corner, it's simply wonderful to live here.

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