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Iris and her

Vienna Insider Tips from
Iris Topas

Our creative and quirky heroine of the night Iris about fairy tale castles, hidden bars and sweet childhood dreams coming true in Vienna.

Only in Vienna ...
... have people the astonishing talent of drinking great amounts of coffee while staying totally laid-back.

Better elsewhere
Bicycle lanes and optimism

Your Vice
dance and plants :-)

Sweet Vienna
The Bonbons in Neubaugasse is worth a visit and fulfills all my childhood dreams of an old-fashioned candy store. And if you look for a great variety of viennese pastries I would warmly recommend Cafe Landtmann.

Savory Vienna
At the metro station Rochusmarkt, located in the 3. district. Here try either the Rochus or for a very cosy atmosphere and healthy, organic dining Ströck Feierabend. Or further down the Landstraße the hidden kitchen, also perfect for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Chic Vienna
Barfly’s Club for some American flair and the hidden Tür 7, which you won’t find, if you don’t know it exists. (; And if you want some life-music and a chic place to dance too, have a look at the Dinnerclub Calea.

When it's getting dark
Time for a great theater play or ballet at the opera. Afterwards strolling around the Ring and seeing all the historic sights light up at night. Open-Air cinema in summer or swimming and watching the sunset at the Danube. In winter snuggling in a cosy chair besides the fireplace reading a good book. 

Not in any tourist guide
Schloss Laxenburg, one of the most beautiful parks near Vienna and perfect for a family day trip. You might feel like in your own fairytale, with the great lush green meadows, perfect for a picnic and the little castle within a lake, perfect for a boats ride passing some swans. 

Your favourite spot
remains a secret. :-) But especially during summer I love spending time within the beautiful building of the MAK (museum of applied arts) and sitting on the oversized couch in the entrance hall. 

Not to be missed
The Cafe Diglas, it’s interior design and don’t leave out the funky toilets (: Or the city center at 7 am on a Sunday morning.

Selfie Spot
The museum of illusions.

Can be missed, despite being found in tourists guides
Something to skip, even if it’s in the guide: the Riesenrad, better enjoy the view and fun ride of the Praterturm.

Finally: What do you love about Vienna?
That one can study for free at university and that once a year Vienna becomes a hotspot for dance and collective movement during the Impulstanz festival. 

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