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mo sound store - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna


Local Heroes: Ronni Jaklitsch & Xiane Kangela

The sound experts about the Viennese Grant and pink cafés.

In our portrait series "Local Heroes" Ronni and Xiane give us an insight into their personal Vienna.

mo sound store - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

What do you like about this area? Why are you in the 7th district?

We love the atmosphere in the 7th district. mo° sound has found its home here. The quarter is lively and inspiring. It's the right place for presentation and communication. And quite a few parties. besides the 7th district is the place to go for audio and vinyl in Vienna. You won't find more specialised dealers in any other district. Two examples are Teuchtler or Schallter and many more.

Which products are you selling? What is the passion behind it?

Our passion is good music and good sound. Besides our very own ball speakers we offer amplifier, record- and CD player, subwoofer and earphones by companies that we are fond of. In addition, and because we love design, we have a selection of lifestyle products like jewelry, lamps a couple of books and sometimes even a bike. Everything produced locally and packed sustainably.

Our service comprises consulting, customization, delivery & installation, service and repair.

Come and hear! And see!

mo sound store - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna
mo sound store - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Only in Vienna

Vienna is the city of music and of dog owners. There are more than 60 000 dogs in Vienna. Small, large, fat, thin, scrubby, you name it. They amuse us and color up the city scape. Thus we ask passerby not to let the dogs pee in front of our store.

Better somewhere else

The Viennese tend to be grumpy. It's not melancholy or gloom, but a cultivated rudeness. That is not always easy to stand.

Sweet Vienna

Vienna is the capital of music. But also of sweets. The Aïda confectionary and café was named after the opera piece by Giuseppe Verdi by its founder and Verdi Fan. When in Vienna you should definitely have a Topfenstrudel or Gugelhupf at one of the pink cafés.

Hearty Vienna

Our favourite place for Blutwurstgröstl mit Kren (roastet potatoes and blood sausage with horseradish) or Tafelspitz (boiled beef) with creamy spinach, potatoes and apple-horseradish is Finkh in Esterhazygasse. Accompanied by a glass of Gemischter Satz (white wine) by Wieninger. Super yummi!

When it gets dark

The best thing is to go somewhere high up and enjoy the view. Indoors for example the LOFT bar on the 18th floor of the Hotel Sofitel designed by Jean Nouvel or on one of the city surrounding hills at a Heuriger in summer.

Not in any tourist guide

The Audio Center. One of the first and best record stores in town. Run by Reinhold Weber for many years now with competence and effort. They offer a huge selection and great advice. At mo° sound store you can find a small range of vinyl selected by Reinhold.

Your favorite place

The old Danube in summer. For Swimming, driving a boat or eating near the water. It always feels like a short vacation. The Schutzhaus am Heuberg is worth an excursion. Run by an Indian family, they have great currys as well as Schnitzel on their menu. The walk up on Heuberg leads through narrow alleys with picturesque houses and the view of the city from the Schutzhaus is wonderful.

You can skip although in the guide book

We cannot really agree on that. While I tend to avoid sausage stands, Ronni loves to have a cheese-sausage now and then.

On the one hand the "Fiaker" are guided by mostly unusual and interesting people, but on the other hand it is really tough for the horses to trot through city traffic. We would recommend to take a bike or use public transport to experience the city. 

What do you love about the city?

We love the huge offer of art and music. The more traditional museums, like the Museum of Art History are as fascinating as the MQ or the MAK. The same applies for music where you have Musikverein, Konzerthaus or the State Opera on the classy side.

In the Arena, the Porgy & Bess or in Clubs like Grelle Forelle you can find Rock, Pop, RnB or Jazz Gigs with a great sound.

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