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we bandits - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

we bandits

Local Hero Sophie Pollak from We Bandits

The style lover about loud and quiet places in the city. In our portrait series "Local Heroes" Sophie gives us an insight into her personal Vienna.

we bandits - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

What do you like about this area? Why are you in the 7th district?

It is one of Vienna’s most lively districts, housing special cafes, individual stores, a vast selection of delicious restaurants. There’s actually a lot of everything in the 7thdistrict.

Which products are you selling? What is the passion behind it?

We offer Korean and Skandinavian fashion for women of every age. Be it colorful, timeless, wild, eccentric, uncomplicated, classy or trendy – maybe we have your new favorite piece. And on top of it an honest, competent and cordial advice.
Both countries are pioneers concerning fashion. The Skandinavian have a sure taste for timeless style, the Korean are bold, colorful and always far ahead of trends – those two together make a perfect mix of unique pieces that are exclusively available at webandits.

Since 2017 we have our own brand – designed according to our customers’ needs – sustainable, comfortable and chic. The new classics!

Only in Vienna

In Vienna you’ll find grumpy waiters, experience the same old story over and over again and meet a happily lived pessimism, but also a certain and unique charme that comes along with it. Furthermore long walks through an exciting and still very lively history of the city, “Buchteln” (sweet yeast dumplings) at Café Hawelka – fresh and warm from the oven at 9 pm each night.

Better somewhere else

What I miss most in Vienna is an open minded, colorful society, positive thinking and acting, vegan and healthy food, self-determination, inspiration on the streets and a good breakfast!

Sweet Vienna

Zola Auböck’s brioche, the 9pm Buchteln at Hawelka, the sweet little French sins at Tartatata…a stealthy stroll through the hallways of Hotel Sacher and the little Italian espresso bar opposite the State Opera: la Stella Bianca – they have excellent espresso, delicious breakfast and snacks!

Hearty Vienna

Gasthaus zur Oper – if you fancy a Wiener Schnitzel in a solid tavern that’s your place to go! If you are looking for a cozy living room atmosphere, stuffed cabbage and plum dumplings you should visit zur Herknerin. And if you want to try the best vegan food in Vienna, you shouldn’t miss a breakfast or lunch at Grains. On top I would recommend a visit of the Heurigen Zawodsky – enjoy a special atmosphere and a roast pork under an apple tree and experience the craft of organic winemaking near Bisamberg.

After dark

Visit Bruder for a drink, find cool mid-30s at Luster or enjoy a good glass of wine and get swallowed by true cordiality near the open fire place at the Champagne bar Frau Bernhard in Esterhazygasse. The key club X in Wollzeile is a gallery, bar, restaurant and only accessible with a key – ask Saskia if you want to go there.

Not in any tourist guide

If you feel like enjoying an easy going Yoga class try the Retreat on Mariahilferstrasse, accessible without a membership.

The Vienna lectures!

AIDA – not the opera, but the cafe!

Your favorite place

Burg- and Akademietheater for the mind, the little Champagne bar to unwind in the evening or for inspiring conversations and the green area of the Prater as soon as it gets warmer outside. Oh, and Miznon, when the music is turned up and the waiters go crazy.


You have to visit Vienna’s museums – especially unique is Gugging, although a bit outside Vienna. What you shouldn’t miss is a stroll or bike ride through the wilder parts of the green Prater and a visit of the State Opera! The Brunnenmarkt on Saturday and a Vienna Philharmonics concert are also on my must-visit-list.

You can skip although in the guide book

Wurschtelprater (the big fairy park), Mariahilferstrasse (the longest shopping street in Vienna).

What do you love about the city?

The city’s theater and cultural offers and the silence on Sunday.

we bandits - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

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Fotos © Portrait Sophie Pollak by D. Gebhart de Koekkoek

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