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Eigensinnig - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna


Local Heroes Stefanie Hofer and Toni Tramezzini from eigensinnig

Our portraits "local heroes" provide you with an insight of the real Vienna. Experienced by real Viennese, our neighbours. The style icons from the Viennese avant-garde fashion store eigensinnig (stubbornly) on Vienna's Ulrichsplatz about goldfish and the sea.

Eigensinnig - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

What do you like about this area? Why are you in the 7th district?

Sankt Ulrich's and the whole area is very typical Viennese: a historic background, grown over the years, developed in a modern way. The famous "Wiener Gemütlichkeit" with an international flair.

Which products are you selling? What is the passion behind it?

eigensinnig stands for international avantgarde fashion and is a room to discover something special, rare and absolutely individual. 

One-of-a-kind pieces, that are only available in a handful of shops worldwide. Personally selected designer fashion from Australia, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Belgium,... handmade with high quality standards in small manufactories.

Only in Vienna

Better somewhere else

Sandy beaches and the sea.

Sweet Vienna

Xocolat - finest chocolate in a historic ambience at Palais Ferstel.

Hearty Vienna

Goldfisch: fishrestaurant and shop. Fish to enjoy on the spot or to take home to prepare for yourself.

When it gets dark

Gin Tonic at ERICH. They have the most beautiful outside seating area in summer.

Not in any tourist guide

Old Quarter, ittle imbiss that offers Vietnamese snacks, Mama's recipe.

Your favorite place

The wooden bench in the backyard of our shop.


Stroll through the small streets and squares of Vienna and be surprised.

You can skip although in the guide book

St. Pölten. 

What do you love about the city?

It has all the benefits of a European metropolis, combined with the small-town values in our area.

Eigensinnig - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna
Eigensinnig - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

St. Ulrichsplatz 4/2

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Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm

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