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Fashion Trends by
Lena Hoschek

The summer will be colorful. Fashion designer Lena Hoschek reveals five fashion trends that are hot now. And her favorite piece she couldn't live without in this summer season.

Trend #1: Pastel colors

This summer, pastel colors are a big theme. Green is also particularly noteworthy. I love green very much at all and the color has become part of all my collections.


Trend #2: Connecting with nature

For me, green also symbolizes closeness to nature and, this season, especially the call back to nature. You get nature on your clothes, so to speak. Be it in the form of fresh colors, floral motifs or airy light natural materials. Delicate floral embroideries also really bring the inner garden to bloom.


Trend #3: The waist belt as an allrounder

As for accessories, there is one accessory for me that you can always wear and that is the waist belt. I also find it pleasant to wear in the summer times a wide dress or an oversized T-shirt quite loose, if you leave out the belt and if you combine it with it, you have a sexy look very quickly. A belt is really an allrounder that always fits.

Trend #4: Partner look

Partner look is also back in trend. The last time this was the case was in the 80ies and 90ies, after that you haven't seen the partner look for a long time. But that has definitely changed now. I think it's also a bit due to these volatile times ... Also, a need for harmony is also no longer something frowned upon. And who could not get excited about cute mini-me looks.


Trend #5: Joy and sustainability

What is currently also in, is everything that brings joy. On the other hand, everything that is strict and striving, obsessive and gloomy, is not in at the moment. Everything that lifts the spirits, so to speak - floral patterns, flowing and light fabrics, even the topic of sustainability has gained in importance. It's becoming more and more important for consumers to pay attention to what they buy and how they consume. It's a strong trend at the moment, and hopefully it will continue. I also notice that the focus of many consumers is much more on local producers at the moment. I have always had a very high aspiration to produce sustainably and am incredibly happy about this change in thinking. After all, you're not only doing yourself a favor, but also future generations. As Audrey Hepburn so aptly said: "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

Your favorite summer piece?

In the summer I would always say dresses! But I can not even highlight just one dress. But most of all I like them fitted. The perfect dress also has a wide skirt, because I love the legroom, my upper body, on the other hand, I like to accentuate.

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