Altstadt Contemporary - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna in the City Centre of Vienna

Anno 1902


Altstadt Contemporary


How does one bring a building, originally constructed in 1902, confidently into today's world? By allowing artists, designers and architects - creative spirits, in other words - to work their wonders. Just as contemporary artworks invigorate the walls of the Altstadt Vienna, the wide variety of our rooms and their décor constitute a gallery in their own right. In which you can even live. Altstadt Contemporary means bold colors, self-assured approaches and inspiration open to much that is new.



Double Room Large - Matteo Thun - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

A spotlight on Vienna



Whether Matteo Thun allows you to immerse yourself in the erotic side of turn-of-the-century Vienna with the help of Josephine Mutzenbacher, or Polka Design introduces you to the dulcet Vienna of today, the double rooms Altstadt Reloaded cast a whole new light on the Viennese view of life. Precisely how international design from the likes of Vitra, star stylists such as Andreas Lackner or local architects like Adolf Krischanitz and Gregor Eichinger are able to "re-load" the Altstadt Vienna is something you will have to experience first-hand once you are here.

Three room sizes: Regular, Medium and Large



The Altstadt Reloaded double rooms are available in three categories based on size. From 20m² to 35m². Decide for yourself how much space you need for yourself. 

A matter of course


... yet worthy of note: All rooms at the Altstadt Vienna offer Marshall or Bose bluetooth sound systems, air conditioning, beauty products from Malin+Goetz, Nespresso machine, shower or bath, telephone, mini bar, cable TV, hairdryer, mini bar and, naturally, free WiFi.