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Seating and Technology


We will move the chairs and tables around to precisely wherever you wish to have them. Or, if you prefer, absolutely classical, one row behind the other. These are some of your possible seating options:



  • Cinema seating: up to 70 people
  • Classroom: up to 36 people
  • U - shape: up to 36 people
  • Block tables: up to 33 people
  • Dinner setting: up to 48 people
  • Lounge setting: up to 36 people

New: Conferencing in a lounge setting




New, yet already popular: for up to 36 people, we can furnish our seminar rooms with upholstered furniture, couches, sofas, end tables etc. Give free rein to your ideas in a comfortable, casual atmosphere.

Boutiquehotel Altstadt Vienna, Veranstaltungsraum level_41
36 Pax

Amenities and Technology




Those "little" details that make such a difference. Enjoy the benefits of our equipment selection that goes far beyond the basics. We put all the pieces in place for you, guaranteeing you have all the aids you need to share the brain work.

WiFi, digital projector, a BOSE sound system, microphone, projection screens as well as presenter's kit, flip charts and pin boards are part of our standard repertoire - and for whatever goes beyond that, we will, of course, be glad to make all of the arrangements on your behalf.