In the midst of it all

We love art

Because it inspires us, unsettles, causes us to ponder. 

Because it brings us together with exciting personalities.

Because it as diverse as the Altstadt Vienna and its people.


Otto E. Wiesenthal has put together a unique art collection over the years, which you can marvel at, or question as you roam the hallways or rooms of the Altstadt Vienna.


Be they works by acclaimed artists such as Warhol, Leibovitz, Gironcoli, Kusama, a focus on Austrian art with pieces by Prachensky, Hundertwasser, Helnwein, Mühl, Attersee, R.C. Andersen, or up-and-coming artists such as Iris Kohlweiss, Torsten and Peter Rühle, Clemens Wolf, Alfons Pressnitz, Alex Ruthner, Robert Muntean as well as Merlin Kratky - they are all united beneath the umbrella of "good art".


Just as are the design lifestyle masterpieces from Matteo Thun, Dietrich Untertrifaller, Polka, archisphere and Lena Hoschek. What do they all have in common? They are building blocks for what only people are capable of creating: