Altstadt Suite Office

Change needed?

Working at home. Day in day out.

Treat yourself to a calm office day in your very own suite.

Make room for new and creative inspirations in your daily life. 




Extension screens. Large desks. Good chairs.

Printing and calls.


Flexible 8 hours 

between 7 – 24:00 for night owls and early birds.



coffee. fruit. snacks. minibar. 

dining upon order at any time.



Relax on the sofa in your suite.

Change of scene in our Salons.

Get some fresh air on our rooftop terrace.

Marshall speaker for your own music.

Additional services available


  • Breakfast
  • 2nd person (max. 3)
  • additional hours
  • Meeting room incl. WeFrame
  • Overnight stay for two