Floral Oppulent Nostalgic


Interpreted through retro-chic eyes, celebrating feminine sensuality in abundance and lovingly staged with an eye to the smallest detail, Lena Hoschek has managed to give this suite her own personal touch. "It was so nice to concentrate on the 'essentials' for once, and to design something that definitely had nothing to do with clothing", says Lena Hoschek, with a wink of the eye towards her design. See here for her suite.

A talk with Lena Hoschek


Did you have a concrete vision of what the suite would look like, from the start? 

In the beginning I just had a vague idea of how I wanted the character and atmosphere of the suite to be, but I didn't have colors or tapestry in mind. The ideas developed fast, though.


What was your biggest challenge in designing the suite?

The coordination on the craftsmen with my many "extras" in mind (laughs). The suite had just been renovated and the walls were all painted in bright white, but I wanted a cosy atmosphere with dark wallpaper


Does your own flat look similar to the suite?  

In the last couple of years I moved a lot and therefore rather put all my ideas and inspirations in my business. My studio has a similar style.


What is the typical guest like, who stays in the Lena Hoschek Suite? How does he/she feel?

I hope glamorous and frivolous (smiling).


What do you, personally, need in order to feel comfortable in a hotel? 

A lot of space with cosy, individual furniture, an outstanding service and a great breakfast, of course. 


Why would you recommend the Altstadt Vienna to your friends?

I find the idea to use a town house as a hotel very exciting, it has a familiar atmosphere. The staff is amicable and attentive and the breakfast is fantastic!


Miss Hoschek, please describe the Altstadt Vienna with only one word.



Which one is the most inspiring place for you in Vienna?

The Museum of Natural History.