25 things


People need rooms, that inspire them. And such that tell stories, just like themselves.

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we did a portrait of 25 things in the hotel, that influence the Altstadt-experience and make it what it is. A refuge of the Viennese attitude towards life, a place of joy and happiness.

Brass Nameplates


A Refuge, Where People Can Be Just As They Are.

It is people, after all, who shape the character of this house. Be they regular guests, colleagues or friends. In order to express our wholehearted esteem, we frequently dedicate rooms at the Altstadt Vienna to them – Helga’s Room, Lisa’s Salon, Harald's Room, Robert’s Place, Diana’s Apartments, Sari's Home … They all represent special personalities and the stories which bind the Altstadt Vienna to them. Who knows, perhaps the next nameplate will bear your name?

The individuality of the rooms at the Altstadt Vienna reflects the diversity of people visiting our house.