VIS A VIS / Andrea Kerber

Local Heroes: Andrea Kerber / VIS A VIS

The Altstadt Vienna lies in the middle of the trendy 7th district. Or as others call it: Boboville. Our portraits "local heroes" provide you with an insight of real Vienna. Experienced by real Viennese. Our neighbours.

The young designer about Vienna's hidden sandy beaches and imperial morning runs


What do you like about the area? Why are you in the 7th district?

I just have the feeling of being in the right place. My neighborhood is a hub of young creative minds. Each little alley features small boutiques, a wonderful variety.


What are you selling? What is the passion behind it?

"Craft with Vision". VIS A VIS does not only offer fashion pieces but also gives insights into the production itself. I sew everything myself, right in the shop. VIS A VIS values quality, natural materials and timeless designs and has a heightened awareness of fair production and environtment. I combine the sporty influences from my home Tyrol with urban chic.

Word Rap


Only in Vienna

"Suderer" = Viennese for "grouches", that think everything was better in the old days.


Better elsewhere?

Nightclubs and mountains.


Sweet Vienna

A "Nutellapalatschinken" - a Viennese version of a pancake - with strawberries and Nutella at Garda, "Marillenknödel" - apricot dumplings - at Otto Bauer.


Hearty Vienna

"Gulasch mit Nockerl" - Gulash with mini dumplings at Gasthaus Quell or a Classic: Wiener Schnitzel at Skopik & Lohn.


When it gets dark

Enjoy some natural wine at the garden of Landkind, meet friends at the danube channel and enjoy some "Spritzer" - white wine with soda - and fish on the stick at the riverbank and a movie at the Augarten's open air cinema.


Not in any tourist guide

Danube island after kilometre 19,5 - with its little sandy bathing spots.


Your favourite place?

The Gloriette with its view at the Schönbrunn Gardens after a morning run.



Karmelitermarkt on a Saturday morning - with its recurring farmer's market.


Can be skipped although in the guidebook

Taking the ferry's wheel "Riesenrad", better enjoy a cocktail at a cool rooftop bar.


What do you love about your city?

Vienna often makes me feel as if I was on holiday. This is probably thanks to its diversity.


discover VIS A VIS around the corner of the Altstadt, at Kirchengasse 27, 1070 Vienna


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