Vienna tips from Melanie Fraiss - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna in the City Centre of Vienna

Insider: Bernadett Ziolkowski


The woman behind the Christmas Cookies. And other culinary delights. 


What I do at the Altstadt Vienna


As Chef I do not only take care of our guests during beakfast by serving them all kinds of egg dishes and specials, but also create daily fresh menues for our staff members. 


I can be reached by risking a short glimpse into the kitchen during breakfast time or in the afternoon whenever you think there might be an aromatic smell of freshly-baked cake in the air :-)


Word Rap on Vienna


Only in Vienna:

One of the most beautiful gothic churches and the symbol of the city: St. Stephens Cathedral. When climbing the 343 steps one is rewarded with the most beautiful view. 

Better elsewhere:

The waiters are for sure friendlier in other places ;-) But well, I think one could meanwhile even count the slightly grumpy Viennese waiters as cultural heritage. 

My Vices:

As passionate baker I love trying the creations of my competition in all different variations. Often. :-)

Sweet Vienna:

There is always some space left for a piece of the original Sacher cake. Definitely tastes better in Vienna than elsewhere in the world. 

Hearty Vienna:

Restaurant Ulrich at Ulrichsplatz offers fantastic mediterranean cuisine in urban ambience and is located directly at the Spittelberg. 

Chic Vienna:

A visit of State Opera. Not only for musical performances but also for its outstanding architecture.

After Dark:

The Giant Ferries Wheel. For taking a picture from the outside and enjoying the marvellous view of Vienna by night from the inside of the cabins. 

Not in any tourist guides

The Chocolate House designed by Ernst Lichtblau in Vienna's 13th district. 

My Favorite Place

There are many great places in the city but my favorite is still the Altstadt Vienna. :-)


The zoo at Schloss Schönbrunn and "Haus des Meeres" - especially with children. 

Selfie Spot:

"Das Bootshaus" at Old Danube - atmospheric spot with water in the background. 

Something to skip, even if it's in the guide

The labyrinth at Schloss Schönbrunn. 

In conclusion: What do I love about the city?

I love the ease of moving around the city. Public transport is really great at all times of the day. 


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