Vienna tips from Clara Stonawski - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna in the City Centre of Vienna

Insider: Clara Stonawski


Knows the surroundings of the hotel better than anyone else. She lives in 42 seconds walking distance from the Altstadt Vienna.


Your job at the Altstadt Vienna?


I'm one of the first people to meet at the Altstadt Vienna. I am responsible for reservations, I welcome the guests, I care for their well-being and hope to infect our guests with my happiness.


You can contact me at the reception: or +4315226666-0


Word Rap about Vienna


Only in Vienna:

A dense coexistence of history, modernism, culture, good food and a lot of coziness. And always a bit of "Schmäh", the famous Viennese humor. 


Better elsewhere:

In other major citites you will find grocery stores open all night long. Not so good if you find your fridge being empty in the evening.


Your vice(s):

Falling asleep on a regular basis whilst having my hair cut and styled. Not really polite to negate the conversational activities of the hair stylists. 


Sweet Vienna:

Always end with an apple strudel. Must be. 


Hearty Vienna:

Socialize at a "Heuriger". Our local wine taverns. Be it our version a fried chicken ("Backhendl"), all sorts of bread spreads (including a crispy pork fat spread "Grammelschmalz") or a Viennese schnitzel. A visit to the heurigen is not really a healthy choice for your belly. But definitely the right choice for a good mood :-)


Chic Vienna:

A visit to the State Opera. Also possible with last minute standing tickets. 


When it gets dark:

Go for a drink to the "Club U". Not suitable for everyone, also not always for myself. A bit smokey, a bit rundown, but great atmoshphere. Perfect if you don't want to go home. 


Not to be found in any tourist guide:

The statue of the "nice Augustin" next to the hotel.


Your favorite spot:

The "Ulrichsplatz" opposite to the Altstadt Vienna. Either with ice cream from Veganista in the afternoon or with a chilly beer at the end of the day.


Not to miss:

A stroll through the vinyards, for example from Kahlenberg down to the city. You will see the impressive green side of Vienna.


Selfie Spot:

The "Piaristenplatz" in the 8th district.


No need to see / do, even if found in a guide:

A ride with the giant ferris wheel "Riesenrad". Go climb St. Stephen's cathedral for the view. And pamper yourself afterwards with a "Guglhupf". 


To wrap it up, what do you love about Vienna?

Vienna is truly diverse... You have an outstanding quality of life, working here is great and you just have to wait until EVERYBODY comes to Vienna....


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