Local Heroes: Gerald Bayer / ULRICH - ERICH

The Altstadt Vienna lies in the middle of the trendy 7th district. Or as others call it: Boboville. Our portraits "local heroes" provide you with an insight of the real Vienna. Experienced by real Viennese. Our neighbours. 



The gastronomy superstar about dancing in "Jenseits" and the sausage as world cultural heritage


What do you like about this area? Why are you in the 7th district? 

The vitality and the drive. Everytime an old store or eatery shuts down, something new, innovative and cool takes its place. It is great to watch the area develop and improve.


Which products are you selling? What is the passion behind it?

Our passion is to create food and drinks with a „wow“ factor. Our homemade flatbreads and the breakfast at ULRICH have made it into the New York Times! You certainly have to try them.

ERICH spoils you with seasonal tacos, vegetarian and vegan bowls and, of course, our selection of Gin Tonics. J



Word Rap: 


Only in Vienna

The World cultural heritage: KÄSEKRAINER! – at your favourite Würstelstand.


Better somewhere else: 

To start a business by oneself as a young entrepreneur without going through the bureaucracy madness or jungle of municipal authorities.


Sweet Vienna:

VEGANISTA EIS – the best ice cream in the northern hemisphere! My favourites: chocolate brownie/ strawberry-agave/ cookies / Eismarillenknödel

GUERILLA BAKERY: sugar orgasm caused by the „fake Sacher“ or Milchschnitte. So good, it will bring you to your knees.


Hearty Vienna:  

Sushi at MOCHI

Food at the counter (!) at MIZNON

DIE BURGERMACHER: the „Fleischeslust Burger“!


When it gets dark:

TANZCAFE JENSEITS: whenever you feel like dancing!

Always a good vibe: LE TROQUET, run by two French originals

Life sessions at UNGARGRILL: CULT!!


Not in any tourist guide:

BERLINER DÖNER at Westbahnstraße/Zieglergasse

For the city’s best Kebab, the bread is homemade on the premises!


Your favorite place:

The Sankt Ulrichsplatz:

Sledding in winter

A water slide in summer

Eating a Veganista ice cream cone on the church steps


Beer & (tabletop-) soccer at MORGENSTERN

Chilling in the sun at ERICH & ULRICH J



Inhale the spirit of Vienna during a walk from MuseumsQuartier to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


You can skip although in the guide book:

Naschmarkt on a Saturday. It’s way too crowded.


What do you love about the city?

It’s the combination of the old and the new. On the one hand, an overwhelming history and tradition, on the other hand a young creative crowd and innovation. Both lead to a comfortable tension, that is great to live in. 



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