Local Heroes: Jakub Arnold /ARNOLDs

The Altstadt Vienna lies in the middle of the trendy 7th district. Or as others call it: Boboville. Our portraits "local heroes" provide you with an insight of the real Vienna. Experienced by real Viennese. Our neighbours.



The mastermind of 4 fashion stores in the mix


What do you like about the area? Wha are you in the 7th district?

Besides ARNOLDs we have 3 further stores in the 7th: the Red Wing Shoe Store, PAAR Snakerboutique and the Skate-Shop Stil-Laden.
It’s nowhere else in Vienna that you can find such sophisticated customers searching for high quality products and brands. „Neubau“ is a melting-pot of food, chill-out, art and an exceptional shopping experience – far off of the usual mainstream.


What can one buy in your store? What is your passion behind it?

We offer classical timeless menswear. We do not fancy buying binge, but like to offer individual advice to our customers, some items we order on demand. We only handle goods, that we personally like and wear. Most of the pieces are exclusively available at our store. Be it a wool-knit jumper from Italy or welt-sewn boots from the USA or Edwin Jeans with great cuts and washing. We’ve been running ARNOLD’s for more than 7 years now and are still excited like a little kid when we unpack new stuff.

Word Rap about Vienna    

Only in Vienna:

Opposites are merging into a wonderful unity.
Cozyness meets huzzle&buzzle, urban buildings are being surrounded by green areas, exquisitely top notch cuisine lets creative newbies bloom, classic art is being reinterpreted by young artists, empress Maria Theresia (sitting on the monument between the Museum of Art History and the the Museum of Natural History) is watching lively scenes between the MQ (MuseumsQuartier) and the Volksgarten Discotheque – it all sums up to a really unique quality of life.

Better somewhere else:
Selfconfidence & the sea. The self-confidence of Paris and London and the beaches of Barcelona and Chicago (yeah, I know, it’s a lake.But you get the point, right?)

Sweet Vienna:
There is really good sweet stuff around almost every corner, beginning with Tichy ice cream on Reumannplatz to authentic turkish Baklava at Kent in the 16th district.

Hearty Vienna:  
You can indulge in a hearty breakfast on different locations, e.g. the Figar or the Café Europa in the 7th or le bol in the 1st district. But there’s nothing better than a chirpy croissant on a sunny hangover morning.

When it gets dark:
Vienna awakes and transforms into a pulsative music- and party town. Be it classic or modern, bar or club. Vienna has such a broad spectrum, from ImuplstanzFestival to Technocafe, from Volksoper to the club Grelle Forelle.

Not in any tourist guide:
With the subway to the wakeboard lift
With the subway to the old Danube and then driving around in an e-boat

Your most favourite place

In summer: cruising around the city on the Vespa.

In summer enjoy the astonishing view from Krapfenwaldbad. Or suck in the atmosphere at Strandbad Alte Donau. Or hop on Lilliputbahn in Prater for a ride.

You can skip, although in the guide?
Figlmüller and Plachutta. Instead visit Glacis Beisl or Gasthaus zur Stadt Krems or the Steman.


What do you love about the city?
The exciting opposites and the slow-mo quality of life.



Siebensterngasse 52


opening hours:

Mo-Su  11:00 am - 7:00 pm 


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