Insider: Jasminka Hublic


Awakens our guest's spirits in the morning.


Your job at the Altstadt Vienna?


As a service staff member I am responsible for the well-being of our guests during breakfast hours. Not only will I serve them a Viennese Melange, vitamin shots or eggs benedict, but also my world famous smiles. 

You can reach me at: Breakfast :-)


Word Rap about Vienna:


Only in Vienna:

The danube island "Donauinsel".


Better elsewhere:

I can't think of anything.


Your vice(s)

The classic Viennese Melange. With foamy milk, no whipped cream. Many of them. 


Sweet Vienna:

The small and cute christmas markets. With candied apples, chocolate covered fruits, gingerbread, sweet yeast dumplings, cookies... and sweet hot punch!


Hearty Vienna:

Hidden in Vienna's many little side streets, like in the Spittelberg area. You will find a lot of different food choices there. 


When it gets dark:

The giant ferris wheel bright and well lit in its whole splendour. 


Not mentioned in any tourist guide.

The Haus der Begegnung in Floridsdorf. Do not go there.


Your favorite spot:

Anywhere on the danube island.


A must see:

The water park: Wasserpark. A retreat for migratory birds.


Selfie Spot:

Vienna is packed with sightseeing spots around every corner. You will find photo motifs everywhere.


Let's wrap it up, what do you love about Vienna?

It is so nice to live here, work here and to raise your kids here. The choices offered are vast and the quality of life is great.


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