Tips from gallery owner Nathalie Halgand - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna in the City Centre of Vienna

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Local Heroes: Nathalie Halgand / gallery Halgand

The Altstadt Vienna lies in the middle of the trendy 7th district. Or as others call it: Boboville. Our portraits "local heroes" provide you with an insight of the real Vienna. Experienced by real Viennese. Our neighbours.



The Galerist about the balance of cosiness and grumpiness and the best mousse au chocolat


What do you like about the area? Why are you in the 6th district?
It’s a relaxed district and I especially like the small shops in the area. For example gourmet food shops in Theobaldgasse (Hase und Igel, Marco Simonis, Süsswasser), beautiful fashion (Nachbarin), Interior stores (Habari, Lichterloh), a classical Viennese café (Sperl), the farmers market on Saturday (Naschmarkt), the best salmon sashimi (Kuishimbo) and the most beautiful flower store in Vienna (Blumengestalten).
Furthermore I love the amazing Otto Wagner Art Nouveau facades along Linke Wienzeile.

What can one buy in your store? What is your passion behind it?
The works of a young, international generation of artists, that I present and sell in a 2month interval. Painting, sculpture, installations, videoart. I like it when the visitors of my gallery can dive into the world and vision of the artist. I want to contribute to the discourse about contemporary art. And ideally, art becomes replenishment, personal gain and relief for visitors and collectors in their daily lives.

Word Rap about Vienna    

Only in Vienna:
There is so much beauty, cosiness and grumpiness in one place.
And smoking is still allowed in bars. 

Better somewhere else
Healthy take-aways (I'd love to go for a healthy choice instead of a Würstelstand on every corner).

Sweet Vienna:
The Crème de la Crème.
They have the best mousse au chocolat tarte and delicious breakfast. 

Hearty Vienna:
Zur Herknerin - the kitchen with the biggest heart in a living room atmosphere! You have to try the sweet pepper chicken and the apricot dumplings. 

When it get's dark:
Loos American Bar, small and cozy. And they serve very good espresso martinis. 

Not in any tourist guide: 
Critical Matters, an event for art reviews in Vienna, discussing exhibitions. Organized every few months by art historian Noit Banai.

Your most favorite place:
My light-flooded gallery on an early Saturday afternoon. I love to watch the colorful goings-on at the fleamarket opposite.

Secession - highest level of contemporary art.

You can skip, although in the guide? 
The restaurant that is best known for its gigantic Schnitzel.

What do you love about the city?
Its architecture. And you can stay all day long in a cafe without being bothered by a waiter/waitress. 


Galerie Nathalie Halgand

Stiegengasse 2

1060 Vienna

opening hours:

We-Fr  12.00 am - 6.00 pm

Sa 11.00 am - 3.00 pm



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