Vienna tips from Philipp Patzel - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna in the City Centre of Vienna

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What do I do at the Altstadt Vienna?


My business card says Chief Experience Officer and GM. I sign contracts as the General Manager.


I can be reached at: or +4315226666-0


Word Rap on Vienna


Only in Vienna:

Grumpy waiters as a tourist attraction.

Better elsewhere:

Sushi, sea views and mountain climate.

My Vice:

Frozen water in all its variations.


Sweet Vienna:

Aside from the world's best pastry shops, Vienna also has lots to offer when it comes to ice cream. My tips: hazelnut ice cream at Tichy, "Malaga" at Molin-Pradel on the Schwedenplatz, "Nocciolone" on the Tuchlauben, pistachio at Schelato and fig at the Veganista.

Hearty Vienna:

The caraway roast at Heurigen Zimmermann in Neustift, "Käsekrainer" at the sausage stand on the Albertinaplatz and wiener schnitzel at Skopik & Lohn.

Chic Vienna:

Espresso at Delias on the Tuchlauben. People-watching.
Window-Dining at Fabio's. Watching people and the food.

After Dark:

Networking scene at Bar 1010 Wien. And no matter what the drink at the Loos Bar. Simply has to be. 

Not in any tourist guide

The inconspicuous - yet delightful - passageway between Neustiftgasse and Lerchenfelderstrasse next to the Hotel Altstadt Vienna.

My Favorite Spot

On a bench at a traditional wine tavern in Neustift, in the heart of the Vienna vineyards


City hall by night.

Selfie Spot:

In the Stadtpark, accompanying the statue of the "Waltz King", Johann Strauss.

Something to skip, even if it's in the guide:

The wiener schnitzel at Figlmüller. There are better.

In conclusion: What do I love about the city?

Vienna is the most village-like city on Earth. This is expressed in a certain slowness, better know as Viennese "Gemütlichkeit". I also treasure the dry sense of Viennese humor, something you have to get to understand.


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