Local Heroes: Robert Comploj / Glashütte Comploj

The Altstadt Vienna lies in the middle of the trendy 7th district. Or as others call it: Boboville. Our portraits "local heroes" provide you with an insight of the real Vienna. Experienced by real Viennese. Our neighbours.



The glassblower about grumblers and the beauty of a refinery.


What do you like about the area? What is your relation to the 7th district?
It happened more or less by accident, that i opened my shop in the 7th district. After a one year search for the right property, we found this former supermarket in Westbahnstrasse. We couldn’t wish for a better location! Westbahnstrasse is very diverse and has a pleasant atmosphere.

What can one buy in your store? What is your passion behind it?
We offer hand-blown glass – from drinking glass to art object. What’s so fascinating about it is the craft itself. I recommend to drop by and watch us at work, then you’ll instantly understand the passion and fascination about it.

Word Rap about Vienna    

Only in Vienna:
A decent cheese-filled sausage.

Better somewhere else
Less grumblers and nigglers.

Sweet Vienna:
Gregors Konditorei!

Hearty Vienna: 
Feinedinge porcelain.

When it get's dark:
Benzin und Groove - our neighbor in Bandgasse.

Not in any tourist guide: 
Have a look at the OMV refinery at night, driving by in your car.

Your most favorite place:
At home on my couch.

Votive Church, from the outside. 

What do you love about the city?
The atmosphere and quality of life.


Glashütte Comploj

Westbahnstrasse 18

1070 Vienna

opening hours:

Mo - Sa  10.00 am - 6.00 pm



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