Local Heroes: Filip Cristian / Coiffeur & Stylist


With the opening of his own hairdressing salon in the Saskia Suite of the Altstadt Vienna, the renowned stylist and hairdresser Filip Cristian has fulfilled his dream of having his own salon on the "Belle Etage" of a hotel. Very Parisian, but Viennese style. Stylish. Elegant. Individually. And surrounded by art.

Find out more about Christian Filip's passion for his art, what makes Vienna so special for him and how you can get an appointment with him in our portrait series "Local Heroes".


Why do you like the area? Why are you in the 7th district?

For many years I have lived and worked in the 8th district, very close to the 7th district. I personally experienced how Vienna Neubau developed more and more into a young, innovative and lively district. Chic shops of young fashion designers, restaurants with an international flair, small delicatessen shops, chic bars for cool drinks, vegan pubs and shops and all kinds of art.

Word Rap about Vienna


Only in Vienna:

The special Viennese charm, the fine gastronomy and the exclusive cultural offer. I consider myself lucky to be able to choose from such a large selection of concerts, operas, theater performances and other cultural events every evening. For us Viennese it is so natural, but friends and guests from all over the world keep making us aware of how "spoiled" we are.


Better elsewhere:

I can't think of anything so quickly. Well except: fried chicken from Styria, where I grew up! 


Sweet Vienna:

I love the world-famous Viennese pastries and the beautifully decorated windows of the leading cafés and confectioneries in Vienna, such as Landtmann, Sluka, Gerstner, Heiner or the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa. To name just a few.


Savory Vienna:

The special delicacies of the old Austrian cuisine in the Viennese pubs and taverns or at the Heuriger in a vineyard.


When it gets dark:

That is perfectly described in the song "Haben Sie Wien schon bei Nacht gesehen".


Not in any tourist guide:

The Japanese Setagaya Park in Döbling. A real paradise. The garden emerged from a cooperation between Austria and the Setagaya district in Tokyo. There is a stone monument next to the main entrance. The word "Furomon", "Paradise", is engraved there in Japanese letters. You can actually feel it as soon as you enter the garden and spend time there.


Your favourite spot:

One of my favorite places is the Volksgarten with its diverse and colorful roses. All rose bushes have a personal dedication, tell a special story and spread a wonderful scent in the summer months. Here you can relax in peace and quiet and still be in the middle of the city.


A must-see?

The Volksgarten for the rose blossom. Or a walk across the Ring all along the famous palaces with their extraordinary stories about the old nobility and famous banking and industrialist families from Vienna.


Can be skipped, although in all the tourist guides:

The "3rd Man Tour" through Viennas sewage system.


What do you love about Vienna?

I love the feeling of living in a big city without getting lost in a grey ​​houses. In Vienna I feel liveliness, familiarity and security. I can relive the great history of this city in buildings, museums and culture. Surrounded by great art in buildings, music, theater and the history of famous people and lots of green in the surrounding Vienna Woods to relax and regenerate. There are also a variety of sports and leisure opportunities. I never get bored in this city. It is varied, Viennese and yet so international. This city encourages my creativity and inspires me to discover new things again and again. 


Filip Cristian

Kirchengasse 41
Saskia Suite #25 at the Mezzanin of the Altstadt Vienna 


Opening hours:

Tuesday - Saturday




Appointments via:

0043 676 4260466




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