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Local Heroes: Georg Leditzky and Patrick Bauer / Die Sellerie

The Altstadt Vienna lies in the middle of the trendy 7th district. Or as others call it: Boboville. Our portraits "local heroes" provide you with an insight of the real Vienna. Experienced by real Viennese. Our neighbours.

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Why do you like the area? Why are you in the 7th district?  

We ended up in the 7th district by chance - in 2010 we and the co-founders of "Die Sellerie" all lived in the area and discovered the vacant business premises in Burggasse. Without a sophisticated master plan in mind, we started to design this room - and named it "Die Sellerie". Ten years later a lot has changed, but the love for Burggasse 21 has remained and "Die Sellerie" is an integral part of our lives - both professional and private. Luckily! What we particularly appreciate about the area is the beautiful architecture of Spittelberg, the lovely neighbors who have become friends for years and the many nice restaurants such as the chic R&Bar, the delicious Karma Food-Neustiftgasse or the cozy Espresso with their wonderful retro interior. We also really enjoy the fact that the spacious parks on the Ringstrasse are just a few minutes' walk away - the proximity to the inner city and all its treasures is simply a dream!


What are you selling? What is your passion behind it? 

At "Die Sellerie" you will find living accessories and design objects carefully selected by us - from Austrian and European manufacturers. In addition to optics and aesthetics, feel and material play a decisive role in the product selection for our "Sellerie" products. Of course, we attach great importance to transparent, sustainable production conditions - that's why the products that you can buy in the "Sellerie" are made in Europe. In this way, fair working conditions can be guaranteed, transport routes can be kept to a minimum and local craftsmanship can be promoted. We are in personal contact with many of the Austrian designers and can inform you first-hand about the history and philosophy of the respective products. A selection of books, special household items, drinks and postcards complete our range. We are also constantly working on our own "Sellerie" collection, which until now includes vases, fragrances and blankets - all "made in Austria". The passion to surround ourselves with beautiful things and to be able to have a clear conscience is what drives us and is the core of our philosophy. No matter whether you want to make yourself or your loved ones happy! We love to design the "Sellerie" - both the space in the 7th and the digital room - and to share our view of the (in the truest sense of the word) things with our customers and friends!



© Die Sellerie
© Die Sellerie

Word Rap about Vienna


Only in Vienna:

Tap water that no other water in the world can match: It is an unbelievable luxury to turn on the tap and enjoy Viennese water - one of the most beautiful things about coming home after every vacation!


Better elsewhere:

More green areas, fewer cars and parking spaces, more traffic-reduced streets. We wish for Vienna - especially the inner districts - that the public space is made more livable for its residents, more and more updated and intensively greened. The city government must now set an example for less concrete and a careful approach to making our common living space more livable.


Sweet Vienna:

Every Öfferl "Topfengolatsche" (En: Austrian curd pastry) puts a satisfied smile on our faces, we all too often get weak over poppy seed noodles at Zu den 3 Buchteln and always enjoy a piece of good Guglhupf down to the last crumb - for example as a late night snack at Café Korb after seeing a flick in one of the numerous cinemas in the city centre.


Savory Vienna:

In search of soul food, we often end up at charming Aromat for a goat cheese galette, at the chic Alma Gastrotheque, where delicious vegetable compositions are created with a lot of heart and soul, or at the relaxed Victus und Mili, whose cozy atmosphere and thoughtful menu we've appreciated for years!


When it gets dark:

If you want to dress up and celebrate the night, we recommend having cocktails at the elegant Bristol Bar at Hotel Bristol: their espresso martinis are really great and a good starter for a night out! On mild summer nights, having a bottle of wine in the face of Henry Moore and the majestic Karlskirche is bliss. For us it is best when the Club U dance floor can be stormed afterwards!


Not in any tourist guide:

All gates of Zentralfriedhof (En: main cemetery) are closed and locked after dark - but if you (like us) are unlucky enough to be locked in, there is no need to panic: There is an emergency exit at the main entrance - and the local police station has a key .


Your favourite spot:

Our everyday "beaten track" - we love to walk from the 7th district to the Wienzeile in the fourth. When the sky opens over Naschmarkt, we are at home.


A must-see?

Unfortunately we rarely make it to Burgtheater - but whenever we get hold of a (remaining) ticket, we look forward to the opportunity to sit (or stand) in front of this breathtaking stage, after just a few minutes' walk from our shop, and into a completely new world! An absolute highlight during summer: the Impulstanz dance performances on the big stage and the wild parties afterwards at Vestibül.


Can be skipped, although in all the tourist guides:

Horse carriage rides through the first district.


What do you love about Vienna?

The enormously high quality of life! We love the social democratic character of Vienna - through far-sighted decisions a diverse city has been able to thrive and grow. Despite the enormous boom in recent years, Vienna has been able to preserve its heart and soul and is open to the tried and tested and the new. We love that!


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