Insider: Maximilian Brandstetter


The youngest of our front office hosts who is crazy about hot chocolate and "Mannerschnitten"


What's your job at the Altstadt Vienna?

I am hotel administration apprentice and part of the front office team


you can reach me at: or +43 1 522 66 66


Word Rap


Only in Vienna

...we have the best functioning public transport network that I know of. At peak times with 2,5 minute intervals which is very unique.


Better elsewhere

The temperatures in summer. In Vienna, summer days are almost unbearable with degrees beyond 35°C in the shade.


Your vice

Sushi and Asian cuisine.


Sweet Vienna

The world famous Sachertorte. But you can skip the one at Hotel Sacher and better enjoy the replica in many of the countless cafés Vienna has to offer.


Hearty Vienna

...the culinary variety. From classic Viennese cuisine to award-winning vegan restaurants.


Chic Vienna

The city center, illuminated in Christmas time, it's beautiful and chic. But also the hidden alleys of the 1st district are perfect for a stroll off the beaten path.


When it's getting dark

Looking at Vienna from above at sunset or at night - uniquely beautiful! My hit list includes the DC Tower, the Danube tower or the top of Kahlenberg.


Not to be found in any tourist guide

Room 55 at the Altstadt Vienna. My absolute favorite room. With its 16m2 and bunk bed, it may not be obvious at first glance, but the unique Orient Express design makes the room one of a kind and special for me. Try it!


Your favourite place

Kahlenberg and Schönbrunn - there are paths away from the crowds at both locations. You just need to look for them.



Vienna at night. The city is transformed into a completely different, special and magical place.


Selfie spot

I am not a selfie person, for me the moment counts much more than the photo. Enjoying the moment is everything!


Can be left out

The hop on / hop off tour to Kahlenberg or Donaucity. Instead go for the red tour, ring tram and a Danube boat trip - maybe even to Bratislava?


Finally: What do you love about the city?

In the run-up to Christmas, the many wonderful Christmas markets. In summer the gorgeous sunsets on mild and long evenings.


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