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Here they are! Three months after the Vienna Design Week's cocktail reception has been held at our construction site,  we are truly delighted with our new rooms and suites. Oh and yes,  we had 5 architects and designers working on this project, creating 4 unique rooms. Have a first glance:

Suite M #67 - Lilli Hollein Suite - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Designers Lilli Hollein & Markus Eiblmayr


Being the director of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, Lilli Hollein embodies the connection between the local and international design scene. She is the driving element behind projects that bring together Austrian manufacturers and producers with internationally acclaimed designers. This is what she - and her husband designer Markus Eiblmayr - brought to life in "their" room at the Altstadt Vienna. For example with an astonishing wallpaper with a cloudy sky from Cole&Son, designed by Fornasetti.

They intended to create a space, that one would not design as such for his own permanent home, but on the other hand would reflect a specific coziness and a love for details. The room is a stage, the interior the cast. 




Suite M #67 - Lilli Hollein Suite - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Focus on Austrian Design


The desk from March Gut, the diwan by Patrycja Domanska and the wardrobe by Patrick Rampelotto come out of the Interio-Collection curated by Lilli Hollein. The table and floor lamps are iconic designs by Carl Auböck, Sebastian Menschhorn's sideboard made of tree trunks and the golden lamp above derive from a gallery edition from "Rauminhalt. The chandelier is designed by designer-duo ChmaraRosinke and the bath tiles are handmade by Karak.

Plaids and fabrics by Raf Simons for Kvadrat bring in a bit of international approach. Raf Simons was once professor at Vienna's University of Applied Arts, where Hollein and Eiblmayr were his students. One will find Simon's fabrics on the bed and also on one of the two „Mono“ chairs by Marco Dessì for Wittmann.

The carpet has been designed by Lilli Hollein and Markus Eiblmayr for this specific room and was produced by Vienna Fabrics, as a colourful counterpart to the dominating element of the room: the wallpaper by Piero Fornasetti, which eventually sets the dramatic stage for the singular objects in the room. 

Roland Nemetz: The Theatre Suite

Architect Roland Nemetz invites Vienna's cultural side into his room, that is situated above the adjoining OFF theatre. Heavy curtains, lamps and selected vintage pieces designed by Roland Rainer create a theatre-like cosy atmosphere. Excerpts from the interior: original parquet flooring from the Vienna Exhibtion Hall (Stadthalle, built in 1958 by Arch. Roland Rainer), chairs and floor lamps by Roland Rainer from the famous Café Ritter (1950), lightings by Tom Dixon, bath elements by Matteo Thun...

Suite M #65 - Theater Suite - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Architect Gregor Eichinger: Film Noir meets Vienna


The room by architect Gregor Eichinger is characterized by clear shapes and colors. The center piece of the room is the bed. Applications on the wall made from wood and fabric create a cosy atmosphere, while the black and white photographs by former Austrian TV anchorman Robert Hochner set a course. The Altstadt Reloaded L Room boasts a whole range of multimedia elements such as hd-beamer, blu-ray player, av-reveiver, screen and ball shaped porcelain speakers from our neighbours of Mo-Sound.

Double Room Large #66 - Gregor Eichinger - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Architect Adolf Krischanitz: the cross-functional room


By using a noble paneling and self-designed elements, Adolf Krischanitz' project reveals a timeless elegance. A personal touch is set by his lamps, sofas and chairs, that are being produced by Austrian manufacturers such as Wittmann, Braun, Lockenhaus and Zumtobel. The bathroom is split in 3 rooms, and fusions with the living-and sleeping are into one whole cross-functional room.




Double Room Large #64 - Adolf Krischanitz - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

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More information and details about the new rooms #64 - 67 are coming soon. But hey, they're already bookable! Would you like to be among the first ones to experience?