Altstadt Suite Office

Change needed?

Working at home. Day in day out.

Treat yourself to a calm office day in your very own suite.

Make room for new and creative inspirations in your daily life. 




Extension screens. Great views. Absolute privacy.

Light flooded rooms.


Flexible 8 hours 

Between 7 – 24:00 for night owls and early birds.



Coffee. Fruits. Snacks. Minibar. 

Dining upon order at any time.



Relax on the sofa in your suite.

Change of scene & tea time in our Salons.

Get some fresh air on our rooftop terrace.

Marshall speaker for your own music.

Additional services available


  • Breakfast
  • 2nd person (max. 3)
  • additional hours
  • Meeting room incl. WeFrame
  • Overnight stay for two