Baroque Opulence. Reloaded

Barock meets 2015.


Andi Lackner @ Perfectprops, for Altstadt Vienna.  


Because we always enjoy being surprised, we placed the redesign of two rooms in the hands of star stylist Andreas Lackner. .  

Life Ball and St. Ulrich's Church


The agency which was also responsible for décor at the Life Ball has the constant goal of transforming each job into a small work of art. A reminiscence of the baroque era, in which wonderful St. Ulrich’s Church also plays a role, though given a contemporary interpretation.



Here you will find further information about perfectprops.

Photographic Art from Josef Fischnaller



Photographer Josef Fischnaller restages pictures of the Old Masters and creates portraits that fit marvelously into the rooms. For a few days, immerse yourself in a whole other world! More photos in other rooms of our ”Alstadt Reloaded” category can be found here.