When Art and Suite become one

Helmuts Art Suite

Pure white meets sand. Art meets suite. And it not only blends into the rooms here, but dominates them. May we introduce? Our brand new Helmuts Art Suite #19, in collaboration with Helmuts Art Club. With artwork by Francis Ruyter.


The unique color concept of the suite contributes to a very special art experience here. The two color components divide the suite vertically into two halves, taking over the entire interior.


Best see for yourself ...

(c) Constantin Witt Dörring
Art by Francis Ruyter (c) Clemens Fantur

The artist: Francis Ruyter


Internationally renowned Viennese artist Francis Ruyter has created four works for our Helmuts Art Suite. All of the artworks reflect an ongoing fascination with vintage photographs from the Farm Security Administration and Library of Congress archives.

Aesthetics in contrast to the message


Three of the works are based on photographs by Russell Lee. Ruyter focuses entirely on the figures, predominantly women and children. The works move between the concrete and the ambiguous. An interplay between longings and the desire to perhaps accidental discoveries with historical significance. The fourth piece in Ruyter's presentation 'Walter at Song' is a humorous page-turner, with a specific reference to Vienna itself. The pastel color palette and graphic nature of Ruyter's aesthetic often contrast with the content they depict. Ruyter's colors thus shift the viewer's interpretation and understanding. 

You always wanted to spend the night in an art gallery? This is your chance! Helmuts Art Suite is a Suite L. The exhibited paintings and artists change twice a year.