Lovers & Friends. Loyalty Club rethought

When it comes to our most loyal guests, the lines between guest, friend, and family are often wonderfully blurred. Rather than simply awarding stamps or points, we wanted to create a loyalty program specifically crafted for Altstadt and its people.

Our appreciation extends well beyond the walls of the hotel; we believe that returning guests should feel at home not only at Altstadt but also throughout the district. The neighbourhood becomes your home, Altstadt your base.


From your first return visit we invite you to become an Altstadt Friend. The first level of our new loyalty concept.


And an Altstadt Lover? You could call that the platinum level.  Being our guest for 20 nights or more each year means we develop a warm familiarity, more than just friendship.


We show our appreciation in many different ways. See for yourself. We met strangers who became Friends and Lovers.