Opera, Library and

Josef Hoffmann

About Operas, Libraries and Viennese Modernism


All rooms of the Altstadt Vienna are within a broad spectrum of what constitutes Viennese lifestyle. The three new suites - created under the guidance of Roland Nemetz and Plan B architecture - also follow these principles and are now part of a 61-room collection.


These new highlights to the collection of the pioneering Viennese boutique hotel were added to the courtyard wing of this century old "Gründerzeit" building. With exposed steel concrete ceilings more than 4 meters high and brushed oak planks - instead of the classic herringbone parquet, which is otherwise dominant in the hotel - the original industrial use of the new areas was paid hommage. Three comfortable suites were created, each with its own thematic orientation - all tribute to the cultural identity of the place. 

The Opera Suite


Vienna, hub of the music world and capital of classical music. This is the thematic experiential focus of the Opera Suite.


A room-dominating steel & walnut shelf presents a collection of approx. 1000 predominantly classic LPs that has grown over the years. The latter is illuminated by the most important chandelier design of the 20th century. The Metropolitan chandelier of Lobmeyr was built - in a slightly larger version - for the Metropolitan Opera in New York. For undisturbed and sonorous enjoyment of music, this Suite M guarantees a sound system by Austrian manufacturers as well as an iconic furniture design by Ray and Charles Eames: their famous Lounge Chair with Ottoman.



Suite M #34 - Opera Suite - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

The Library Suite


Vienna, always home and attraction of poets, literary figures and philosophers. This forms the thematic experiential frame of the Library Suite.



Suite M #35 - Library Suite - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Two large double windows attract the sunlight for this bright Suite M. Vis à Vis is the main element of the suite: a 6-meter wide, floor-to-ceiling bookcase with walk-in gallery. The construction of black steel and walnut wood is accessible through a more than 100 years old - coiled iron staircase. The latter was located on the lowest floor of the adjoining stairwell and fell in the course of the conversion work to official requirements. Lovingly adapted, it now serves as a stepping stone to the literary explorations of the Library Suite. A seating group with chaise-longue and lounge chair in the middle of the room invites you to the literary consumption of the offered books.

Viennese Modernism: The Josef Hoffmann Suite


Vienna 1918-2018. 100 years of Viennese Modernism. The Altstadt Vienna dedicates a room to another Austrian pioneer of architecture and design after the Josef Frank Suite (in 2016). In addition to Koloman Moser, Josef Hoffmann co-founded the Wiener Werkstätten and was one of the protagonists of the so-called Viennese Modernism.





Suite L #36 - Josef Hoffmann Suite - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna


The light-flooded Suite L with 3 window axes impresses with its balance between old and new, colorful and monochrome, coquettish and restrained. In addition to the contemporary furniture designs by Spain's star designer Jaime Hayon - who was inspired by Josef Hoffmann - you can also find original pieces from 1910-1930. Furthermore Josef Hoffmann licensed-replicas of the Austrian furniture manufacturer Wittmann round off the sitting and lying range of the spacious suite. An airy valance in the room allows for a coquettish game of hide-and-seek, revealing a freestanding bathtub with a great view into the suite in front of it.


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We do want to mention our partners, manufacturers and their designers in this beautiful cooperation. Just to name a few: Wittmann Möbel with Josef Hoffmann and Jaime Hayon, Lobmeyr with the Metropolitan Chandelier, Augarten and MoSound with their sensational ball speakers, Vitra with Eames, Santa e Cole, Foscarini, Arne Jacobsen, Treca Interiors, Loewe, Bisazza and of course the carpentry Josef Göbel ...   And not to forget the great Dr. Albrecht for donating his incredible collection of books and LPs for our suites.


Did you know, architect Roland Nemetz created a triumvirate of Viennese culture in 2016 with the design of the Theater Suite: Opera, Library and Theater. Do you want to live in one of our new rooms and suites?