Nominee 1: Anna Schmiderer. The lust of staging

"The desire for staging as the epitome of the Viennese: Vienna is known for putting life on stage. But staging also plays a major role in the Viennese: the eccentric way of speaking, the overdramatizing, the quick change of mood. The hotel places great value on guests being able to be the way they are when they’re staying there - true to the motto "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" (Dr.Seuss) . " Anna Schmiderer


Room 18 is thus the stage on which the guest plays the leading part. The room is divided into scenes in which curtains and technical lighting are used as primary design elements. Due to the color contrast between the room and the bathroom, the change of scene is spatially reinforced and made noticeable. Important elements are also the mirrors, which are mounted in exciting perspectives in each scene in order to offer the guest, as a protagonist, the opportunity to observe himself in the respective scene.



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