Nominee 1: Anna Wieser. The art of strolling


"In today's fast-paced world, we often long for slowing, but in the stress of everyday life, we can barely break out. Deliberately drifting through the city, without pursuing a real goal or studying city maps, and an attentive attention to detail , the city shines in new and previously unknown, but authentic light." Anna Wieser


The "Flanierzimmer" (eng. strolling room) # 18 at the Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna offers Viennese cosiness and a clever room layout. The small floor plan is perfectly complemented by a built in „living“ wall. The use of "Wiener Geflecht" unites Viennese tradition and craftsmanship and stands as a metaphor for connection and strength.


Attention was paid to materials that are both visually and haptically stimulating. Textured glass, structured brass, haptic fabrics and relief tiles, together with mesh and wood, create an experience for all senses as well as delightful contrasts. This underlines the theme of accessibility in room # 18. Due to the detailed elaboration of the room layout and furniture planning, it was ensured that every guest can use the room to the same extent.




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