VIENNA DESIGN WEEK - 4 designer, 4 rooms, 1 hotel


During the 10th Vienna Design Week, Austria's biggest design festival, rubbernecks had a chance to sneak a peek at the new place where one can dive into the Austrian way of life starting in December 2016.


4 new suites, designed by 4 designers.

creativity times four at the Altstadt Vienna


Together with her husband, the designer Markus Eiblmayr, Lilli Hollein interpreted the Viennese way of life in a quite modern manner, by using high-class pieces for instance by Sebastian Menschhorn and wallpaper by Cole and Son. It is the first interior design project of the creative head of the Vienna Design Week. For 20 years the studied designer has been working as curator, author and journalist in the field of architecture and design.


The room by architect Gregor Eichinger is characterized by clear shapes and colors. The center piece of the room is the bed. Applications on the wall made from wood and fabric create a cosy atmosphere, while the black and white photographs by former Austrian TV anchorman Robert Hochner set a course. Gregor Eichinger was born in 1956 in upper Austria, studied architecture at TU Wien and has been working as architect since 1985. His sketches are mostly new interpretations of traditional ways of thinking. He taught architecture at the ETH Zurich and is currently teaching students at Vienna's University of Applied Arts as well as at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin. 

By using a noble paneling and self-designed elements, Adolf Krischanitz' project reveals a timeless elegance. A personal touch is set by his lamps, sofas and chairs, that are being produced by Austraian manufactories such as Wittmann, Braun, Lockenhaus and Zumtobel. There is an exhibition at the gallery Mauroner about Adolf Krischanitz' work over the past years until 12th of November. He has been working as self-employed architect since 1979 in Vienna and Zurich and teaches designing at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin.


Roland Nemetz invites Vienna's cultural side into his room, that is situated above the OFF thater. Heavy curtains, lamps and selected vintage pieces designed by Roland Rainer create a theater-like cosy atmosphere. Nemetz has been working as architect for more than 40 years and runs an office in Baden near Vienna.  

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