... to a faraway place.

How about Vienna?

We don't want much this year. The laughter of our guests. The enthusiastic faces upon arrival. The exciting conversations in our salons. A laughing and a crying eye upon departure.


What do you wish for this year?


We have spent the last days and weeks tinkering to be able to give you a possible answer to this question. Take a look at our new voucher shop and give away the gift of anticipation. To others. Or to yourself.




© The castle in an other country


Or do you already know when you'd like to visit us next year? 




We can't wait to see you again!


Christmassy greetings from the Altstadt,


the Wiesenthal family & your A-Team


PS: We continue to stay open for business travellers and everyone with urgent housing needs. We are looking forward to the 7th of January marking the re-opening for everyone.