25 things


People need rooms, that inspire them. And such that tell stories, just like themselves.

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we did a portrait of 25 things in the hotel, that influence the Altstadt-experience and make it what it is. A refuge of the Viennese attitude towards life, a place of joy and happiness.

Inspiration rich in contrasts.


Markus Prachensky was always one of OEW’s favorite artists. Due to his colorblindness, he perceives contrasts very intensively. One special example of this great Austrian artist’s work used to hang in the home-décor shop Design-Funktion in the 1st District. Originally part of their start-up capital, it quickly became Otto’s favorite picture and eventually joined the collection of the Altstadt Vienna. The picture hung for a long time in the reception, now inspiring the management team in their back office

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