Insider: Saskia Wiesenthal


Twists everyone around her finger with a smile 


What do I do at the Altstadt Vienna?


As Marketing & Art Manager, I am responsible for everything art-related and presenting it as beautifully as possible. This also includes social media.


You can reach me at: or +4315226666-0


Word Rap on Vienna


Only in Vienna:

Such a breadth of music and amazing quality - from classical music to Falco, from timeless electronic music to talented singers/songwriters.


Better elsewhere:

The sea. Otherwise Vienna has it all.


My Vice:

Espresso at Charly Fürth across from the Altstadt. He roasts his own coffee.


Sweet Vienna:

Schokov chocolate bars in delicious flavors such as sea salt & pepper, cardamom-almond croquant, chili-raspberry  and rosemary-lemon.


Hearty Vienna:

Rice rolls at Vietnamese SAPA, appetizer variations at Georgian Ansari, small dishes at the Ulrich and a family's table at Mama Liu and Sons.


Chic Vienna:

"Zweitbester" in Margareten. Pleasant, fashionable eatery, and right around the corner is Schleifmühlgasse - a street with some of the city's most stylish galleries. 


After Dark:

The "Heuer" on the Karlsplatz, especially out on the terrace in summer, not least because of their late closing time.

And when it's time to dance: the Grelle Forelle.


Not in the Tourist Guide

Grafittistrasse. That's really what it's called. In 2012, a 140 m-long wall was painted by Russian artist group ZUK Club, who have also left their traces behind in the Old City. 


My Favorite Spot

Primevel forest in Lobau.



In summer, pedal-boat rides on the Alte Donau. In winter, sledding at St. Ulrichplatz.

The Vienna Museum with models of the city in its earliest years.


Selfie Spot:

In front of the nightly light show of the Uniqa-Tower on the Donaukanal.


Something to skip, even if it's in the guide:

Rides on the fiaker carriages. It's better to explore the city on foot, by city bike, or using one of our micro scooters.


In conclusion: What I love about the city?

Vienna is multicultural, offers something for all tastes, from classical opera performances to a Street Art Festival. There is a wide palette of culture, art and sport, plus lots of green spaces and water. And of course, the many opportunities to let your skateboard roll ;-)


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