Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Preview of Easter 2018.


We wish all friends of Altstadt Vienna a merry christmas among their loved ones! Thank you for a thrilling and beautiful year 2017! At the same time we can't await our gift promised by the easter bunny. In April 2018 we will open 3 new rooms and suites in a 170m2 loft in our inner courtyard. The highlight? An hommage to Viennese Modernism with a Josef Hoffmann Suite.

"I approve of everything practical and necessary, but I think that we always have the duty to please. This joy is the primary duty of our existence."


Besides the tribute to the world-renowned architect and co-founder of Viennese Modernism, 2 more rooms are added to Altstadt's current collection of 58 suites and rooms. As always, they will also stick to the DNA of Viennese Lifestyle. This time supported by music and literature.

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More information and details about the new rooms are coming soon. But hey, do you already know our 4 new rooms added in early 2017? If not, have a look here at the creations of Lilli Hollein, Adolf Krischanitz, Gregor Eichinger and Roland Nemetz.