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Doppelzimmer Large #66 - Gregor Eichinger Room - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

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A sexy room for
movie aficionados

The Austrian architect and movie buff Gregor Eichinger designed for the Altstadt Vienna a refuge for lovers of motion pictures. A moveable video screen, speakers from our neighbor mo sound and a selection of Eichingers favourite movies establish an understated multimedia room. A monochrome color scheme should transport one into the film noir age and is reminiscent of the architects favorite film "The Third Man". The haptics of the space further contribute to generate an exceptional cinematic experience.

Technical equipment, desk as well as lavatory are hidden behind a glass wall which was covered with a Kvadrat-fabric by Herzog de Meuron. Eichingers vision was that the traveler should always be able to connect to the city. The focus of the room is on the bed which is positioned in the center and offers both a view into the metropolis as well as a place of retreat into the world of film.

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Do you also want to live in a room like #66? It is a Double room Large. You can find more about Gregor Eichinger and his work here. By the way - you can hearken to the sounds of mo sound in our salons too. The spherical porcelain speakers are a symbol for Viennese innovation.


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