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Boboville. And we are right in the middle of it all

Vienna’s 7th District between Mariahilferstraße and Lerchenfelderstraße borders on the central historical district and is one of the oldest, and at the same time most vibrant and fascinating parts of Vienna, a magnet for business people, artists and creative spirits. A biotope for trends, if you will, and a favorite of the Bobos*. More than half of the residents are younger than 40 years of age, and many of them are students or academics.

Historical Roots

Things in this area were not always quite so “orderly”. The romantic lanes and Biedermeier houses on the Spittelberg actually had a bad reputation from the 18th to the mid-20th century, since the tightly compacted housing was detrimental to health and the area was a focal point for prostitution. It is said that Vienna’s most famous lady-of-the-night, Josefine "Pepi" Mutzenbacher, also plied her trade here. Her personality and the lifestyle of her time, divided between a euphoric vision of the future and world-weariness, provided the later inspiration for Matteo Thun in his designs for rooms at the Altstadt.

Vibrant Lifestyle

The district remains diverse and lively to this day. In the revitalized setting of the Spittelberg artist quarter, you will find all kinds of restaurants, from the comfortable, no-frills Viennese “Beisl”, international cuisine and raw super foods, to 2-toque restaurants. Next to baroque St. Ulrich’s Church is the ULRICH, one of the many trendy eateries with excellent food. Numerous stages, such as the Volkstheater, off-Theater, Dschungel, Museumsquartier and Theater der Jugend offer a broad spectrum of theatrical and dance performances. Milling about on the Mariahilferstraße, the longest shopping street in the city, are people of all nationalities. The true treasures can be found in the narrow lanes between the hotel and pedestrian zone. In their shops, creative forces offer pretty and valuable items, including ball-shaped loudspeakers made of porcelain, comics, fair-trade clothing, young fashion design, vegan ice cream, freshly roasted coffee, hand-stitched shoes and fine stationery.

*Who are the Bobos?

The lifestyle of the so-called "Bobos" brings together what was previously always thought to be irreconcilable: wealth and rebellion, professional success and non-conformist attitudes, the hippy mindset and the entrepreneurial spirit of the yuppies. The "Bourgeois Bohemian" is a new type of person, who lives idealistically, nurtures gentle materialism, is precise and creative at the same time, and increasingly leaves his mark on our social, political and cultural life.

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