Arrived safe and sound.

Welcome to Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna. You can rest assured, you have made the perfect choice. Making you, our guests, happy is our own greatest source of happiness. And how do we go about doing that? Well, we regard it as an art.




The Altstadt Vienna is located on the Spittelberg in Vienna's fashionable "Boboville" district, in the heart of Vienna. In this venerable patrician house, we offer 62 rooms and suites. Each different from the next. All of them inspiring ...

Suite XXL - United Nations Suite - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna
Suite L #78 - Josef Frank Suite - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Whether polarizing and courageous, or with a breath of classicism, renowned and up-and-coming architects, designers and artists have offered us their own personal interpretations: of the art of hospitality.


The Altstadt Vienna houses a considerable collection of contemporary art. Whether on loan from big museums or owned by Otto E. Wiesenthal,  the works by Warhol, Niki de Saint Phalle, Prachensky, Leibowitz, Attersee, Helnwein et al. have 3 things in common: They inspire. They allow you to dwell in the moment. And pose questions. For us, this is what makes art good.

Roter Salon Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna
Salon at Hotel Altstadt Vienna -  Copyr. Julia Geiter


... lives from the people of the Altstadt Vienna. From sincere and genuine hosts. And from the best guests we could ever wish to have.

Viennese "Gemütlichkeit"


Located on the Spittelberg in the urbane, creative 7th District, the Altstadt Vienna represents an ideal refuge, simultaneously the perfect base from which to grasp a true sense of what the Viennese take on life is all about. Whether in our salons or in the classic coffeehouse, there is one thing you should absolutely not allow to slip past you: the chance to savor the ineffable "Gemütlichkeit", that sense of convivial hospitality that is uniquely Viennese.

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We look forward to welcoming you here.



30 Jahre Altstadt