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Freud Suite

An immersive journey into the past and the world of the famous Viennese psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud designed by architect Elfrid Wimmer-Repp. 

It is not the first project that architect Elfrid Wimmer-Repp has implemented for the Altstadt Vienna. Since the early days, the Salzburg native has been involved in the design and furnishing of various rooms at the hotel and became a close friend of the owner Otto E. Wiesenthal. For the redesign of the Freud Suite, she was inspired by the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, the Freud Museum in London, and the atmospheric remnants that tell the story of Freud's psychoanalytic practice.

Freud's study room in Vienna was filled with a collection of books, artworks, and statuettes. Fascinated by the many stories associated with them, Elfrid Wimmer-Repp drew inspiration from this variety. A specially designed carpet, created in collaboration with the Salzburg artist Erik Hable, stretches from wall to wall, depicting numerous figures that tell captivating stories through symbolic patterns

The suite combines classic elements, such as high ceilings and traditional Viennese furniture, with modern accents. Special attention is given to the blend of old and new, which creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. The freestanding bathtub in the bathroom, the elegant wardrobe furniture, and the vintage swivel chair from the 1940s are just a few examples of this harmonious combination.

One of the most striking design choices was the use of raffia on the wardrobe’s back panel, inspired by the green wallpapers and brass hooks at the Freud Museum. This choice reflects the original elements of the wardrobe in Freud’s office and adds a subtle historical note to the suite’s narrow hallway. This is complemented by a mirrored wall and an eclectic painting by Robert Zeppel-Sperl.

The Freud Suite invites guests not only to relax but also to reflect. The chosen furniture and decorations encourage engagement with Freud’s ideas and the history of psychoanalysis. To unwind, find inspiration, and perhaps develop unusual thoughts, one can lie down on the “Five to Nine” daybed by Tacchini under the atmospheric light of the "Equatore" lamp by Fontana Arte.

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