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Schokov - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna


Local Hero Thomas Kovazh from Schokov

The soccer fan and falco connoisseur also knows Vienna from below.

In our portrait series "Local Heroes" Thomas gives us an insight into his personal Vienna.

Schokov - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

What do you like about this area? Why are you in the 7th district?

I like the mixture of people. In the 7th district a well-known actor meets an unrecognized attention-seeker, the Vegan the organic cattle-breeder, hippie meets evolving designer and DJ meets Bobo. And all of them come together in winter for a punch on Spittelberg's Christmas market. That conglomeration of those characters is what makes the 7th so special.

Which products are you selling? What is the passion behind it?

In 2006 we opened the Schokov as a retailer for high-class chocolate from all over the world. After some time I experimented in the back room with different ingredients and developed my very own chocolate. Thus we offer our own handmade organic chocolate since 2013.

Only in Vienna

Air tax. It is a tax that you have to pay when you hang up a sign in front of your store that takes public space and air.

Better somewhere else

Coffee. (Even if that borders on treason.) Or more specifically: espresso. Tastes in Italy simply... better. Of course, there are also positive exceptions, such as Akrap Coffee in the 6th or Fürth and Kaffemik in the 7th district. And the coffeehouse culture in Vienna is unique anyway.

Schokov - Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Sweet Vienna

Our hand-made organic chocolate, of course. The little pink Punschkrapferl at Reimer, one of the last real candy stores, in Wollzeile. Mannerschnitten (best from the nice shop at Stephansplatz). And an original Sachercube to go. Not the cake! The cube is more luscious.

Hearty Vienna

Roasted liver at Reinthaler behind the state opera. Krautfleckerl (cabbage pasta) at Amerlingbeisl. And stuffed bell-pepper at Epos in Siebensterngasse.

When it gets dark

Off to the theater. And afterwards to the "Blaue Bar" at the Hotel Sacher. Or go underground with a flashlight and your best friend along the Wienflussbecken from Naschmarkt to Stadtpark. Not even 100 Viennese have seen Vienna at night like that... And it's been 20 years for me, too. So it's time-barred. Because the whole thing is probably not 100% legal ...

Not in any tourist guide

Visit the trotting race course at Krieau on a race day in spring. Here the real Viennese swear and cheer to the max. Or the small big soccer derby between Vienna and Wiener Sportclub. They were considered top clubs some time ago a but have been scaled down to regional league. But the self-called "derby of love" still attracts the masses.

Your favorite place

A steap, often muddy forest track next to Fuchsvilla in the 14th district. It leads to a beehive, that is taken care of by an elementary school. And Minoritenkirche in the first district. It irradiates something really special.


The movies "Before Sunrise", "The Third Man" and "Dreimäderlhaus". Afterwards you should visit the locations they were filmed at. You'll come by Spittelberg, Kahlenberg and the first district in a very new sense.

You can skip although in the guide book

The Christmas market on Rathausplatz. There are more idyllic ones like the one on Freyung, Karlsplatz or Spittelberg. And Naschmarkt during the week. You should better go there on Saturdays for the farmers market. Or even visit Meinl am Graben, the temple of indulgence. „Decadence for you and me“, as Falco would say.

What do you love about the city?

I love that within half an hour you can go from the fast-paced center to the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald). And if you are lucky, you can meet a deer in the wild. For example at the area around Steinhof in 14th district. Or squirrels in Schönbrunn. Or the wine fretter in Grinzing. But that is another story...

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