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Loyalty Club

With our most loyal guests, the lines between guest, friend, and family are often blurred. However, we didn't want to stamp cards or award points, but rather create a loyalty program that reflects the Altstadt and its people. Our appreciation also goes beyond the hotel walls, because we feel that those who come back again and again should not only feel at home in the Altstadt, but also in the district. The Grätzl becomes your home, the Altstadt your homebase.

If we are no longer strangers to each other, that is, from the second stay, we invite you to become an Altstadt Friend. Our rethought concept of a first loyalty level. And Altstadt Lover? Yes, this is the Platinum level, so to speak. After 20 nights a year a little more than friendship with a lot of heart and personality that you can feel. You will experience our appreciation in many ways. But the best way is to see for yourself.

We met strangers who became Friends and Lovers.

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Altstadt ViennaKirchengasse 41, 1070 Wien, Österreich, Tel. +43 1 522 66 66, hotel@altstadt.at