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Andi Lackner about his Altstadt experience

The former creative director of Perfectprops is a master of staging. Whether as a stylist of international top models, or increasingly as the mastermind behind some of the country’s biggest festivities.

Gery Keszler once set up shop in his office kitchen and Lackner was co-founder of the Life Ball. The Fête Impériale in Vienna also drew from his creative well. In 2016, he left his signature on the Carnival of Venice for the first time. A side note: He doesn’t organize celebrations. He creates them. As he did rooms 53 and 56 at the Altstadt Vienna.

Describe the feel of the Altstadt Vienna.

Casual. As the Viennese would say “wia Daham” – just like home.

Which is your favorite room?

What makes this house so wonderful, is the fact there is a different favorite room for whatever your mood. Personally, I always look forward to the Josef Frank Suite!

When and how did your relationship with the Altstadt Vienna begin?

I actually knew the hotel before I knew Otto. As a Viennese, sleeping “elsewhere” from time to time is simply common courtesy … ;-)

Describe the Altstadt Vienna in one word.

Ma·zel tov.

Find out, what a hotel room in Andi Lackner's world looks like.

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