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Franz Fetz about his Altstadt experience

Bregenzerwald-native Franz Fetz has run the Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg since 1975. With his love for details and his commitment to tradition and originality with still an open mind for trends, he has transformed the Hirschen into the 4-star art hotel with great cuisine we know today.

How does the Altstadt Vienna feel like?
The Altstadt always gives me a sense of coming home.

Which is your favorite room?
I have stayed in a number of fantastic suites here, including the Bösendorfer – which offers lots of space and a wonderful ambience. But it’s almost impossible for me to name just one room that’s my absolute favorite.

When and how did your relationship with the Altstadt Vienna begin?
I have known Otto Wiesenthal for 30 years, and the hotel for the last 25.

Describe the Altstadt Vienna in one word.
A second home.

Find out here, what the Bösendorfer Suite looks like:

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