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Iris Kohlweiss about her Altstadt Experience

This Viennese artist with Carinthian roots expresses her curiosity and thirst for knowledge through painting. She seeks to perceive life in all its facets, trying to break down and represent her observations, generally complex processes, in a simple form.

How does the Altstadt Vienna feel like?
Like a journey – you can allow yourself to be guided by what you see, and discover everywhere something that prompts you to pause and ponder. It is simultaneously exciting and relaxing. You sense that a world has grown here, a vibrant world that is unique unto itself. The atmosphere is informal, human, and you feel welcomed – by the people, but also by the building and its rooms.

Which is your favorite room?
My favorite room is the Red Salon. In fact, one of my works has resided in the Red Salon since 2010. This painting is close to my heart, and I am delighted it occupies such a central position.

When and how did your relationship with the Altstadt Vienna begin?
I first came to the Altstadt for a celebration – I don’t remember anymore what the precise occasion was, though it was definitely a party, it has to be over 10 years ago.

The Altstadt Vienna in one word?

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